How to join the Pool

Just follow these short steps and you will be mining with the pool in minutes

Install Biblepay

If you don't have any existing installation of Biblepay on your systems, please follow the great How-To on Biblepay-Central to install Biblepay:

Read Mining How-To on Biblepay-Central

Join the Pool

If you already have a Biblpay Wallet, just follow these small steps:_
  1. Get the biblepay address wallet address
    GUI: Start the client, click on "Receive", then "Request payment". Copy the Address from the popup
    commandline: biblepay-cli getaccountaddress "" (or add a number between "" for a new, additional address)
  2. Edit your biblepay.conf On Windows: Open the file explorer and open the address "%appdata%" (press enter). Then go to the directory "BiblePayCore" and edit the file biblepay.conf
    In Linux: Go to the directory ".biblepaycore" in your home directory (~//.biblepaycore/) and edit the file biblepay.conf
    You file should look like this:

    You can change the value genproclimit=1 to a different number, depending on your CPU. Higher numbers are for faster cpus.

    Restart your Biblepay Client and start mining.

  3. Start mining!

You don't even need an account on the pool, everything is done via your biblepay wallet address.